MacOS RMS Status Question

With the disappointing fact that VEX Worlds does not include a WiFi for teams to use and hotspots of any kind are illegal, it worries me that the inability to use Robot Mesh Studio offline with a MacBook will cause issues if I want to change something. This leads to the question: Is a Robot Mesh Studio program supporting offline use happening anytime soon for MacOS? If the answer to this question is yes, would this version of Robot Mesh Studio be completed by the time VEX Worlds 2020 comes around? If the answer to the question is no, are there any solutions to my issue that don’t include bringing an inferior laptop to Worlds? :innocent:

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You can use wired (USB or Ethernet) tethering or 5 GHz hotspots at Worlds.

The intent of the no-hotspot policy is really to discourage 2.4 GHz hotspots. The policy is a blanket “No hotspots” just because most people have no idea what 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz mean, and most hotspots are 2.4 GHz.

Or you could get a superior laptop with cellular support built-in… :smirk:

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See 5GHz Hotspots are hard to come by my friend… Yeah that may be my only option, just a bummer that RMS hasn’t been ported to MacOS. Also why in the world would you want cellular support on a laptop. Seems that the only real use for it is in this VERY situation. I could just turn on my phone hotspot but the rules don’t allow it. I mean its a cool feature nonetheless.

Most modern Android phones have 5 GHz hotspot capability.

It’s much more convenient than fumbling with a dedicated or phone-based hotspot. Of course it only makes sense if you need a mobile internet connection frequently, rather than just a handful of times a year.