So I was sorting the parts box and I dropped the magnet I was playing with, and made this abomination. Then that gave me the Idea for a magnetic sorting tray/plate to keep parts you are using, like screws or nuts, from rolling all over the place and onto the floor as you are building. This would save time and effort because you would not have to go looking all over the floor for the parts, and you would not have to buy the collective piles of set screws and nuts that roll into the tiniest, unnoticeable spots and are lost forever. Is this a good idea? Let me know!
Magnet 1.jpg
Magnet 2.jpg

Already exists:

Go get mini cupcake tins and glue magnets to the bottom. I have one of the iFixit mats, the tins work much better.

Dang it

You can also get a magnetic parts tray. A quick Google search and you can find a large variety of these

Magnets are also incredibly useful for getting parts out of shag carpet.

Harbor freight often has coupons for these for free.

TIL that you can sort VEX star-drive screws from VEX hex-drive screws by a magnet. Ones are magnetic, the others aren’t (actually are, but very little).
While the students were building, I decided to sort the a mixed box of 8-32x0.25", emtied it on the floor and with a proclamation that “I always wanted to be Cinderella” started picking up the star-drive ones.
A student was like: “What are you doing?”. She brought a magnet, run it over the pile and dropped 30 or so star-drive screws back into the box…