MakerX to VIQ comparison

(Putting this here in Chit Chat, since it’s way off topic.)

I saw the little bit of back and forth around the MakerX contest in @meng post.

I did some quick google on what it would take and I got a little lost trying to figure out what I would need to buy. So I’m looking for a Bill of Material to part out an equivalent to a 8 motor VIQ system. I just want the electronics (NovaPi, motor shields/controllers, remote control, bluetooth between the remote and robot), including cables and batteries. I’d like 2 of the motors to be servos. I’m going to assume I’ll use LEGO parts, but I’d like you to specify the motor shaft to gear adaptor I need.

They don’t have to come from the same supplier so you can mix and match. It looks like its all Makerblock, but there are so many options, not sure of what it would be. Thanks.


Hi @Foster ,

Sorry it totally slipped my mind to reply to this post.

My teams took part in their Starter event in Dec 2018 and their Challenge in 2019.
We stopped eversince Covid struck.
So some of my info might not be updated.

Here’s their main website -

But basically they have 3 main types of competitons:

  1. Spark - which was started due to Covid. And it looks more like a makers competition. But it is only for up to 13yo and using mBlock programme.

  2. Starter and Explorer - which I think this might be the closest to Lego Mindstorm. But they made use of mbot, which is very limited in what it can do.

VIQ will definitely be much ahead of MakeX Starter and Explorer.

  1. Challenge and Premier - which will be closer to VRC and FTC.
    They are trying to achieve a semi-open source competiton over here (which is what some of the forum people are asking for).
    maybe it was still at its infancy stage back in 2019, but it was really not easy - limited support and “official” parts were not easy to come by (at least in Singapore). Even sourcing for aluminium extruder (similar to REV) is not easy. You can 3D-print certain amount of parts.
    Back then, most of the documentation was in Chinese or (quite) badly English-translated.
    We had quite hard time trying to figure out the electronics, etc.
    The electronics and control system were definitely not as sleek as V5.

But my biggest gripe with MakeX Challenge is the lack of variety in the game design. It feels like the game is very similar every season - shooting down bowling pins.


Can you tell me all the stuff about the control system you used, that’s what I really want to know. Thanks