Making a 6 wheel drivetrain

My team and I have been looking through what drivetrain we should make for this year’s competition and we settled on 6 wheel drivetrain on a geartrain. But as we were discussing, we were having difficulty arranging and building the geartrain to support 3 wheels and be powered by 2 motors. I searched the internet but didn’t find a great example. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Usually, when you use 6 wheels and 4 motors, you want the motors to connect to the gears inbetween the wheels. This gives you flexibility with your gear ratio. Catalogue of Drive Gearings
This can help you with picking a gear ratio. I would recommend 3.25 inch wheels if ur going to have a small robot and 4 inch if ur going to have a late robot. Hope this helps!


What we did is a 84 tooth to 60 tooth on 200rpm motors. You can also do 60 to 36 tooth on 200 rpm motors.