Making a list of tips for new teams

Anyone have any solid build tips to add to my list, there are so many more I can think of but just cant put into words.

  1. Use the correct length of screws with NYLOCKS. The Screw should just barely make it through the nut

  2. KEPS (The nuts with the little squiggly washer thing) are great for throwing together a prototype, they should never be permanent

  3. Use bearing flats as much as possible because axles should never contact metal.

  4. Screws can be used in place of axles sometimes, ie pivots that are shorter than 2”

  5. If available everything should be aluminum, if short on aluminum (We shouldn’t be, just got a crapload of it) use steel fore drivetrain and anything being lifted by motor should be aluminum.

  6. DO NOT torque the beans out of shaft collars, especially with the little set screw in them. If you need to support an axial load use spacers not shaft collars

  7. All structural (non pivoting) joints should have at least 2 screws in them



Build tips specifically:


Any tips for putting my locks on faster? I’ve been sticking with keps cause nylocks take so much time to put on and I don’t exactly have tons of that.

Get a nut driver which is the correct size, we use one and it makes life much easier. Also, in hard to reach positions, you can use pliers to hold the nylock in place.


We use the VEX wrenches to hold them in place.

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Yeah, we use those too. However, I think that @64540A was asking for ways other than wrenches. But if not, then the wrenches are effective as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

U r right.

When I need to get stuff done quickly I use a drill instead of Allen wrenches. It takes almost no time to screw nylocks in with a drill.

best tool i have ever bought