Mall of America Signature Event


My team is super-excited to attend the Mall of America Signature Event. This will be our first signature event. We just want to connect with other teams. We are team 283a from Nevada. We made it to Worlds for the first time in VRC last year. This year, we want to do better. Who’s attending the Mall of America event? Any tips? What do we need to know?

Thank you!


I’m on 2414X the team you neighbored at state who ran autos the night before with you. You should definitely have fun! One major thing at signature events is people read a lot into alliances so even if you rank badly if you preformed well and had close matches odds are you’re getting picked. I’m sure you observed the same thing at worlds. Mall of America has a lot of top teams attending so you should meet a lot of people. Excited to see you back in Nevada!


Attending a signature event has effects that pan out way further than the actual tournament itself. Not only will you have a great time on the day of the event, but you can also use this as an opportunity to improve your robot and team dynamic by doing the following:

  • Make connections with teams. It’s always good to bounce ideas off of them and you might get some good ideas from them!
  • Ask questions about teams’ robots. In most cases, these are top tier teams and they will usually be more than happy to explain their design choices to you. You might find yourself feeling inspired after talking to a team with a super cool robot!
  • Better understand the meta after attending the tournament. A signature event is filled with teams hungry for a Worlds spot, which means they will do anything for that Tournament Champion spot. Take note of what teams are doing differently than you and see if what they’re doing works well, then maybe you can adopt that strategy too.