Manual update?

So, the manual update was scheduled for today. Anybody know where to find it? (I don’t have a phone, so I can’t use the hub app)

Vex time is central time, so 12 pm is 10 mins from now. I’m guessing that’s when it’ll come out


It does not seem to be published anywhere as far as I can see, so I’m sure they’ll release it when they are ready.


They might just be postponing it until tomorrow as my birthday present :heart:


Should be happening right now. Nothing though.

Give them until end of the business day in Texas. No need to start posting about the manual update already :slight_smile:

Alas, it seems I got ninja’d by the GDC


Drat. The one part everyone was looking forward to is postponed until June 15. (Nerfing skills)

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oh well. at least we know that it’s going to be fixed.

How do we know that it’s going to be fixed? Did they say that was going to happen?

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That was already confirmed. In fact I’m pretty sure @Grant_Cox mentioned that it would be addressed in today’s update during this webinar.


Right, but he also said that one of the options was to do nothing and hence make programming skills be more important

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Thanks, didn’t see that. Disregard my previous posts then.

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Me as well, 20 characters

Here is a pdf comparison site with the new and old PDFs loaded up…
Really the only change is the corner goal locking thing, the rest are just fixing spelling mistakes, adding spelling mistakes, and saying skills will be addressed later.


Was that what Grant Cox already posted?

Since there is an official Game Manual thread, this one should be locked - @DRow

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I’m pretty sure it was locked.

Yeah. it was. VEX_GDC posted this:

and immediately after, DRow locked it.

and gave specific instructions about creating new threads. The reason to lock this one is the main topic is when update would be released. This was answered definitively. The post added to this dead topic had been answered by GDC. So in grand scheme of things, this is a zombie topic that should not get revived. Hence request for lock.