Masuk 4478E Tipping Point Worlds Reveal

Masuk’s 4478E Vex Tipping Point Worlds Reveal

After a long season were glad to finally be able to show off our robot in our first robot reveal, and as you may be able to see we have taken some inspiration from other reveals

If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments of the video or here and we will hopefully respond to them

See you guys at Dallas


I like it, the claw especially looks very “grippy” (hahahahaha I’m so funny it sounds like drippy)


Love the reveal! Super clean robot too! I have one question for the team. What is the use of the wedge-like stopper in the autonomous? I see the robot getting unwedged as it starts moving for the mobile goal at about 1:49 in the video. Does it add a bit more energy and decrease time to get to the mobile goal?

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Glad you liked it

The “wedge-like stopper” you see is actually a kickstand that elevates the front of the robot which is useful for auton as it allows you to elevate the front of your robot off the first row of tiles, starting you even closer to the goals.

I’m the rules it states that as long as your robot is touching the first row of tiles and not any other it is considered a legal start so with these kickstands it allows us to exploit this rule to save time in auton


How does your kickstand work? I’m curious on how to build one for my offseason robot since I never really understood how to go about making one.