Match Load Loading

In a prior thread it was stated that how match loads would be handled would be answered in the upcoming FAQ. I did not see any information regarding this in the last FAQ release, maybe I’m looking the wrong place? Where is the Team FAQs document for World’s located?
We really need clarity as to how match loads will be handled soon. World’s is a month away and everyone is practicing. Right now it seems what we know is that the fields will be elevated, the balls will be in ball bags, we can’t use any artificial means to hold the balls, can’t hang the ball bags, but we can use an oversized shirt and hold them there in a scoop made from turning the front end of the shirt up.
Is this all correct?

These items will be updated in the Team FAQ when a final determination has been made. Please reference other posts in this forum for additional information. We will not be elevating the match loads field-side, but there is nothing preventing a team from grabbing multiple game objects at once, as long as your introduction of the game object into the field of play is deemed legal.