Matlab/simulink bev modelling

I just had a question on how to add v2x signals into my car model and how to add a dynamic programming algorithm into my model to optimise speed and braking force.

Can you explain what you want a bit better? I might be missing something but I am pretty sure are not on the right forum.


This is not a forum for MATLAB: this only contains a category for assisting users with VEX parts imported into MATLAB for competition VEX robots.
MATLAB has their own forum for technical questions like this and documentation.

PS: I’ve probably directed you to the MATLAB forums, not the Simulink forums. They’re in similar locations like MATLAB.



Bit of a late reply on this, but our team added an electromechanical model for mobile robots similar to the VEX Clawbot to the Robotics Playground GitHub repo. You could use that to make simulations for battery usage based on motor performance, etc.

In general feel free to ask any MATLAB/SImulink questions in the forum as long as they are related to VEX/VEX Robots. For everything outside of VEX please go to MATLAB Answers.



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