Max Live Remote Score

What is the max score one team (not alliance) can score in a live remote competition?

If a team could score all the balls in 1 goal and double it, then they would get 88 points

not quite. you have 15 balls of your color and 14 balls of the other color. each ball of your color is worth 2 points, each ball of the other color is worth 1 point. as far as I’m aware, the absolute maximum number of balls that it’s physically possible to score in the center goal is 27. (6 on each side, 3 in the goal). But in order to maximize the score of just one team, rows are more profitable. (because without an alliance partner you can’t quadruple a goal). so if you score a single ball of the opposing color in each edge and corner goal, and then put the remaining 15 balls of your color and 6 balls of the opposing color in the center goal and doubled it, that would be a score of:

8 + (13*8) + ((6+30)*2) = 184.

if you add autonomous then that would be 190 as the maximum score a single robot could achieve, ignoring all points and actions by their partner.

however this isn’t going to ever happen, since it would require that your opponents descore all of their own edge goals so that you can own them with only one ball of the opposing color. Also your partner would have to do absolutely nothing, and even if they did just sit their your alliance’s overall score would be higher. and if they bothered to touch the center goal at the end it would hugely increase your score.

so if your alliance partner crams 15 balls of your color, and 12 balls of the other color into the center, puts the remaining 2 balls in other goals, and touches the center along with you, as well as the autonomous bonus, your alliance’s total score would be:

(13*8) + ((60+18)*4) + 10 + 6 = 432.

as far as I can figure, this is the theoretical maximum achievable score in a LRT. But it requires extreme goal cramming, and opponent cooperation.


You actually only have 15 of your color and 14 of the opponent color. All but 1 of the preloads (that would normally be present for an in-person match) are removed for LTR

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oops I meant 14 of the opponents. don’t know why I said 16, good catch. luckily I still used 14 opponent balls in my calculations though so my numbers still stand.