May have found a loop hole

So let’s say your team has a stack of all green in the corner zone, the opposite alliance has a stack of orange. You are putting greens in cups and they are putting oranges in cups. If they put an orange in right before the end of the match and you go to get it out while the cube if in the cup bit are touching it with anything it dosant count right?

The manual tells all. Look for the definition of a placed cube.

Nowhere in the definition does it say cubes cannot be contacted. Therefore, no this would not work. Doesn’t matter if your touching the cube or not,


To further elaborate on what @Xenon27 said, if the cube dips below the fog on the cup, I believe it counts, whether it is being contacted or not.


Actually, if say the cube was flat in the cup, the addition of a second cube on top descores the cube.

Can you provide a source for such claim?


Like, NO.

If a cube is placed, it is placed. Two cubes may not be placed at the same time. Any other cubes on top of placed cube has no impact on the color cube that is placed.


Point in the rulebook where it says that.

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Sorry, I think I had misinterpreted the rule in the manual. I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure that near the beginning of the season it said otherwise something similar to what I had seen it as, given that someone had corrected me with the same fact then. Also responding to @lacsap

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No worries - manual is pretty clear about the definition of “placed”.


The manual says that if multiple cubes meet the definition of placed in one tower, then neither is scored. If 2 cubes are stacked inside the tower, the upper cube is not placed, meaning only one of the cubes is placed and still scores.
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The only parameter for a scored cube is that it breaks the plane of the placing line inside of the tower, which is the faded part of the tower.