Measurement Help - How high up is this piece?

Hey guys, so I’m planning on building a 4 bar lift to pull the short end of the blue dispenser down, but can’t find exactly how high it is.


I’m looking for the height from the floor of the field to the point circled in red. I’m guessing it’s 14 inches, but ideally I’d like an actual measurement. Could any of you guys with a field confirm?

if the drawing is to scale, you could measure the distance you want and one of the others and use that ratio to find the distance you want.


Or you could import the field into CAD and measure from there

Yeah I’m trying that right now, onshape’s taking forever to translate it tho.

Update: Finished translating. This piece is 15 inches high for anyone wondering.


You can always count the number of holes, they are 1/2" apart for both VEXIQ and VRC.

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