Mecanum tank treads

Every time a new robot is built, one is faced with the very difficult problem of choosing what wheels to have.
Recently I was faced with this problem for wanting Mecanum wheels for superior strafing capabilities, but also tank treads for high grip and ability to get over obstacles, eg: the starting bar. I saw this and thought this was a great solution, Mecanum Tank tread links would make a good product. It combines the strongest elments of each system and I’m sure many teams would find a use for it.

I saw that too! Although I can see those being hard to manufacture.

I love the fact they exist and I think they’re really cool. I’d love to have tracks like that to play with. But I believe there is no problem they can help with in this VEX competition, or pretty much any game we’ll see on a standard size field any time soon. We never need tracks, and we rarely need strafing at such a high friction cost.

I really like those things. But I doubt anyone ever needs them for anything. Even the use case shown would be done better other ways. Doesn’t mean they’re not cool.


Especially because mecanums are so difficult to manufacture to begin with, and vex hasn’t really figured it out yet, adding more products of the same nature doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Here is something I found. Basically impossible to make but it should perform much more cleanly. Only need two tracks vs four.

Also, if the treads still had the 4" height of current mecanum wheels, you wouldn’t get the full benefits of the design because you’d have to make them super short on your robot.

Now that is really cool. I am not sure how they would be helpful in a Vex game, but it is really cool.