Mecanum Wheels Change

Has anyone changed their base from mecanum wheels to omni-wheels? Is it difficult?

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First off, Spin Up is a VRC game, not a Vex IQ game. This is the IQ section of the forum, so next time, please post in the correct location.
As for your question, this is for you to research. There are plenty of threads already that discuss this topic, such as Best Chassis for Spin Up, and other threads. I’ll tell you that overall, Mecanums can strafe but they are generally slower and easier to push around than Tank Drives, but you need to test or research the topic to decide for yourself. It will also look great in your notebook.
People here will help you with specific issues, but they won’t just give you a robot design or answers to any problem. If you have an issue with your robot, such as motors overheating or lots of friction, then feel free to ask a question in the correct location, but don’t be lazy and expect people to give you all the answers.
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I will say, I have toyed around with some different wheel types, and Mecanum wheels are the bulkiest. If you build your drive for Mecanum wheels, you’ll have an easy time swapping your wheels for other types.


Mecanums and 4-inch omni wheels basically have the same diameter so it’s pretty easy to put one of those where you have a mecanum wheel.


While the diameter is similar, the mecanum wheels are wider than the omni wheels, so if you switch, there would need to be enough space in that direction as well.


OP asked about changing from mecanums to omnis, so while they might want to make their base thinner after switching they technically wouldn’t have to in order for the robot to work