MicroSD Troubles

I’m trying to use a 128gb microsd card in a v5 robot but for some reason it refuses to work (tested with doom just to be sure). It’s partitioned, with half in fat32 and half apfs. I have used microsd cards in the robot before but they were under 16gb. I’m not sure if the size of the card is the issue.

I believe this half-half partition scheme you set is nonstandard for SD cards. Try it with the whole SD card as FAT32, and, if that doesn’t work, make sure you are using an MBR partition table.

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Getting rid of the partition does not work. On Mac I’m using guid for the partition map and I don’t see why mbr would help. I don’t actually know how to change it either but if someone knows I’ll try it.

Most embedded-type devices will not work properly with GPT, likely including the V5 Brain.

This command appears to be what you need to run to have your SD card work with V5:

diskutil partitionDisk /dev/diskX MBR fat32 "NAME" 100%

where /dev/diskX is your SD card and NAME is whatever filesystem label you want.

Note that this will erase anything you currently have on the SD card.


This might be the reason.

Source: https://www.vexrobotics.com/v5-architecture.html

Edit: This thread proves otherwise: What SD cards are supported for the V5 Brain?

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I’ve had 64gb SD cards working just fine with the V5.
I believe they said that limit is simply because they haven’t tested anything higher.


Thank you, switching to MBR worked