Mini Reveal- Single Motor Feeder and Indexer

One of the main disadvantages of flywheels is that they require an independent indexer. So, I developed this system to feed and index with the same motor.

It’s a pretty complicated system, but it saves me a motor and it’s worked really well over the past few weeks. The only real disadvantage is that it can’t spin backwards to flip caps or spit out balls. I spit out extra balls just by shooting them out of the flywheel (not aimed at a flag) and I flip caps with a different subsystem, but it’s an important drawback to build around.

Feel free to ask any questions about it below.

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This is really cool!

Just watched it. This is amazing. Have you had any issues with chain snapping or other minor issues like that?

Nope, there’s not enough force on the chain to run that risk. And thanks!

We have a system that works as an indexer but also can flip the ground caps :slight_smile:

We plan on revealing it just a little later in the season.

The design is really cool! High quality engineering right there.

Thanks! Can’t wait to see your mech!

Very cool! While it can’t flip ground caps, it does free up a motor to do that and some more.

How did you put the one pinion gear that’s in between the 2 36 tooth gears into a screw?
Did you use circular inserts because the ones I have don’t fit. Thanks.

dude this is sick!

That’s amazing. You don’t mind i we do something similar, do you?

Hey! Sorry to dig this thread, but I wanna answer some of these questions.

A team that drew inspiration from this idea chained the front intake roller to the indexer, meaning it was able to spin both forwards and backwards. This allowed them to flip ground caps. The only roller that could only spin one direction was the middle one. This team (ironically enough) played me and won at a recent tournament, so it seems to have worked :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually had to drill the gear out with a 5/64" drill bit. If you don’t have access to a drill bit that can go through steel, I’d recommend filing down the green inserts so you can put them into a HS 12T gear.

Thank you!!

Not at all! Just shout me out in your notebook :stuck_out_tongue: