Mobile goal plastics

What plastics are the black and colored parts of the tipping point mobile goals made of?

I belive most vex game pieces are made out of ABS, but I could be wrong

I thought it was ABS too, but I took apart a goal and tested a spot inside with acetone and there was not a large effect. Only slight discoloration, so now I’m not sure.


It might be treated so try scratching a bit off or sanding a bit then test it?

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I sanded both colored and black portion of the mobile goal, then applied acetone. There was not a change in behavior from the original test. Only some discoloration but it didn’t really become smooth like you would expect. I filled a bin up with water and submerged just the plastic parts of the goal. Both colored and black part sank in the water.

Just cause it sinks and is not affected much by acetone my guess is its nylon.

Also, it cuts smoothly. I touched a part of it with a very hot soldering iron but I couldn’t really discern which smell it is.

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If you do a flame test and burn it a bit, nylon smells like burned hair…


Please do not encourage students to do flame experiments with unknown substances which could result in injury or death without proper supervision or safety apparatus and training.


But for real though…

The colored goal tops (276-7048-201/-202/-203) are all ABS.
The black bottom portions (276-7048-204) is antistatic-ABS.

We are doing our best to include material information on the field parts in the future.


Thanks for the real info

Smelled like oily and sharp- in line with the ABS confirmation

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Oh come on Pascal where’s the fun in that?


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