Mobile Goal with No Cones

I have a person from my school who can get a mobile goal into the 20 point zone but the cones don’t stay on in the process. Does a mobile goal in a zone count with no cones in it?


But you may want to redesign your robot a little bit because if the cones just fall off that is a lot of wasted match time spent stacking them…

It’s another team at my school. Our design should be able to maintain cones on mobile goals fine, but the other team is doing this weird thing where they literally throw the mobile goal.

Asking for a friend; cool.

No rule against throwing your own mobile goal. I wonder whether catapult or linear puncher would work best? Might even want to go with a choo-choo or a polycarbonate nautilus.

Go on.

Very good choo choo on this aerial assist robot. Details at 2:58.

I remember team 50000 had a choo choo last year.