More ideas vex should've added to Rise Above

Ill start. I honestly think that ces should’ve added another object to put in the risers. The robots this year wont have a range of difference with only one type of scoring.

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YES! i so agree. They should have had us stick like u shaped thing onto the risers like on the to, each u would be like 1 point and on the middle it would be 2 points


I disagree. Although this is what I and the rest of my team thought at the beginning of the year, it just isn’t the case. Yes, it seems like with only one game element the creativity in the robot strategies can be very limited. Yes it seems like with only one actually good way to score the creativity in the game strategies can be very limited.
But this just isn’t the case. If you just search “VEX IQ Rise Above” on youtube, you’ll see that there are so many different robot designs and a lot of different strategies.

Even if this were a reasonable choice, it’s logistically impossible. (Yeah, that’s right. I learned some BIG words on the forum. :wink: ) The GDC (game design committee) designs all of the IQ and VRC games 2 years in advance. (I think?) So the GDC would be very rushed to a decision. Also, they would have to manufacture all of the parts, and then ship them out to everyone after all of the registered team paid some :moneybag: for them.

This isn’t gonna happen because:

  1. The game is fine the way it is.
  2. It’s basically logistically impossible.