Most popular drivetrains?


We are looking to make some educational content on drivetrain programming. Please let us know which type of drivetrains you are currently using or would like to use (and haven’t had a chance to program yet). Here is a good resource in case you are still considering options.

Desired drivetrain functionality:

  • Non-Holonomic (Moves fwd/rev and rotates) nonholo
  • Holonomic (can also move sideways) holo

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Type of drivetrain:

  • Tank Drive tank
  • H-Drive hdrive
  • X-Drive xdrive

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Please comment with other popular types and their advantages! Like comments as well so we see what else is popular :slight_smile:


Jose Avendano


Do you prefer Mecanum drive over the other types (Tank, H-drive, X-drive)?

  • Yes
  • No

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What about a swerve drive, kiwi drive, dragon drive (half x-drive half tank drive), walking robot TaranMayer made, every variation of x-drive with different angles for wheels, and differential drives with steering


If I were to be honest, this season is somewhat of an outlier with there being a pretty large number of teams wanting to do bases with the ability to strafe in mind. Generally speaking, a majority of the other games have been played with traditional tank style bases. I think it would be best to focus on the traditional tank drive, the X-Drive, and Mechanum given prior seasons.


Great feedback! Thanks @vexreally. It seems right now like making some examples for tank, and x-drive would be the way to go to help the most teams. With mecanum being next in the list. Thanks everybody for voting and helping out :slight_smile: