Motor and cortex PTC questions

Do the motor and cortex PTCs slow down the motors as their temperatures increase, or do they only activate when the temperature reaches a certain threshold? Are the devices in the motors and in the cortex/power expander different? Could they be cooled down effectively in between matches by using (several) high power fans such as this one: Would the caps need to be removed? Once they are cooled down, do they revert to their original state (as if a lot of time had passed)?

I have to say, “Please use the forum search function”. We have discussed the PTCs many times before and there is lots of technical information available on their performance.

Here is one thread to get you started.

short answers.
cortex and power expander have the same 4A PTC.
the motors are slightly affected as the temperature rises, but they generally trip at a predefined point.

To be fair, you can’t search the forum with keywords that are less than 4 characters, so when you search “ptc issues” you get the same return as if you had simply searched “issues” I’ve been trying to find a forum thread that I know you created about PTC testing, (not the one you linked here, but a separate, more detailed one), but I can’t seem to find it.

Uh… This is a thread from 4 years ago, back when forum searches actually yielded results. Now use google: search with “site:” and then the keywords. So to search for PTC issues on google you would type in “site: ptc issues”.

Not sure there was another one. We did discuss modeling the PTC with software a few years ago, was that what you wanted?

Yes! Would you mind linking me to that post?

Perhaps this one.

What specific information were you hoping to find in the thread?