Motor Burning out for no reason

Hi we are team 22271D and 4 of our motors have burned out/stopped working. Today was the fourth motor so I decided to make a post.

So the picture is how our thing looks and we attach it upside down. Idk if that is good. The launcher motor is the most recent burnout. Some of the motors on the drivetrain also have stopped working. If you know any reason why this might be happening please tell us. We have a competition in 1 week and we need our robot working hy then. Thank You!

You might want to tag this correctly since this is more of a building issue than it is a coding one but make sure there is no unnecessary tension anywhere, the red gear isn’t scraping your screws, and what I think might be the issue is the plastic wheel doesn’t have enough traction and you’re just doing burnouts with your bot.

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Either they are overheating and dying or you may have a problem similar to this user’s problem Flywheel Motors Dying at an Unsustainable rate

@turbodog has a huge thread about static electricity (which I assume is your problem). I would advise taking a look at that as well.

You should try loosening up your bearings, or you should try to put some grease on your axles. If that doesn’t work try the new ball bearings that vex launched. ( High Strength Shaft Ball Bearing (11-Pack) - VEX Robotics )

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Go read my thread.

Let the metal shaft lockers touch the aluminum… this will help the static created travel to the chassis and not back through the motors.

Spray your field.

What color is your cartridge??

I recommend that teams disconnect the motor and give the flywheel a spin by hand. This will help you identify the friction points. The wheel should be able to free spin, on its own for 10-20 seconds.

The axles have to be straight, and perpendicular to the steel. The steel needs to be parallel and aligned on the other two axis so the holes line up. The bearings have to be aligned, tightened just right so they don’t warp, and smooth inside. The flywheel has to be balanced and centered on the axle. You may even need to test the drive axles separately. Any misalignment or wobble creates friction.

Once your flywheel is spinning efficiently, then hook up the motor.

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when motors die, is it the cartridge breaking or the motor itself? Does it become unuseable after that?

Early on when i was stupid, I made the mistake of like practicing driving for like 10 - 15 minutes with 4M (will be 6 when we get our other cartidges) at 400RPM and they got really hot and I’m not sure if their performance is now affected by it and if it’s a lot slower now.

We have been noticing motor issues where it randomly like seizes up and that entire side of the chassis won’t move an inch, and issues with the brain and port connection so the motor often doesnt get necessary power for it to run and suddenly one side of the chassis starts going incredibly slow. We have concluded that the issue with one side going slow is a brain port issue, but the one with the motor seizing up - we have no clue about. It only fixes when we take the cartridge out and put it back in.

our issues may not be because of broken motors because the green light still comes up, so if someone could mainly help answer my first question:

And can someone tell me how I can tell if this has happened, and what general building practices cause this

I have never seen a motor cartridge seize up, so I don’t believe that to be your problem. In the past, my org has had trouble with the motors dying due to excessive strain for long periods of time. It’s possible that your drivetrain has enough friction to permanently damage a motor, but I find this unlikely.

Due to this finding in troubleshooting, I can really only imagine that the problem is between the motor and the cartridge. Maybe you have a gear broken or stripped, or maybe there is something that jams the motor occasionally.

I’ll try to have a better response soon.

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Sounds like edge case code issue if one side stops suddenly, and will work properly after a reboot.

Monitor and display motor temps to brain… guaranteed to help troubleshoot.

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