Motor on hold before match

We have currently a ratchet intake for our robot. Are we allowed to set the intake motors on hold before a match start (so probably in initialize or something) to hold the motors in place?

I think you could do this in preauton. I’m not sure though.

When the robot is connected to the field control at the start of a match, all the functions of the robot, including motor power, will be disabled by the field controller.


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Although this is true (you can’t actually move or do anything before auton), you can set the motors to the brake type of hold during the preauton setup. Is that what you mean @Daryl?

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Only for V5 vexos versions 1.0.10 and earlier, we changed that in 1.0.11 so that motors are always in coast when disabled by match control. This was done to match the behavior of the cortex with 393 motors.