Motors - swapping around

So the rules are 6 motors. So we are working on a robot that has 5 motors always used. For teamwork, we want to use our 6th motor on a back arm. But during Skills, we want to use our 6th motor for our H-drive. Regardless of if we are in skills or teamwork, all parts remain on the robot, just one part isn’t powered. I’ve read all the rules and think we are ok as we are not structurally changing anything, but wanted to get the groups opinion on this. Thanks!

You aren’t allowed to have more than 6 motors (regardless of them being powered), so you would have to swap the physical motor. 169A did something similar to this in Starstruck where in a match, they used a 6 motor drive and 4 motor lift, and during skills they used a 4 motor drive and 6 motor lift.


@owen169 - correct, we would pull the 1 motor off and on and move it around, so there was never more than 6 on it at a time.


You’ll have to be clear with the referees/inspectors about what you plan on doing, and you’ll need to be inspected in both configurations. Rules-wise, though, this is fine to do.


What is your motor distribution rn for your 5 motors that are fixed?

3 motors for the front lift components, with motor 6 h drive and motor 7 back lift

I thought previous Q&A rulings said that switching from a 4 wheel drive to an H drive was a significant swap of sub-system 1. I would think for this to even be considered, you would have to leave the unpowered H drive wheel in place all the time. Removing that wheel would be a significant change in my mind.

@SCFarrell we would leave the unpowered H drive wheel there when taking the motor off it, so thus the structure of the drivetrain doesn’t change (except for taking the motor off)