Mounting motors through screws in the back

So today my team and I were annoyed with the way our motor was mounted on the indexer of our robot so we started talking about other ways to mount them so we could get to the screw heads easier. Someone casually mentioned that it would be cool to have a screw-like extension coming out of the motor so we could use nylock bolts on them with a wrench that would take up less space and be easier. We decided to try it and spent the next 30 minutes playing around with it. We are wondering if this is legal though. The sticky point is if this counts as tampering with electronics. We don’t believe this falls into that but we wanted to check.

The process we took was grinding down the screw head so it was thin enough to slide into the plastic protrusions in the back of the motor casing and in the gearbox. We did this by chucking it into a drill and running it on a grinder(sketchy but still legal). We then took apart the motor in the way that you would swap a motor cartridge and we screwed the motors into the back to act as a bolt.

We believe this is legal but wanted to check and also share this. We couldn’t think of anyone that has done this before. We also acknowledge that there are better approaches to solve our issue but we got caught up in this and we think it is pretty cool.

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looks legal to me. cool idea


There might be a relevant ruling from this thread. I have not had a chance to review it in full detail but there might be something useful there.

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You can buy these which makes me think changing the threads is legal. Not that we are even going that far.
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Provided no parts of the motor are removed or modified, which seems to be the case, then I don’t see any reason this would not be allowed. Cool idea!


VEX has an official guide showing this technique, and they ruled it legal in the Turning Point Q&A.


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