Multiple cortexes?

If we run out of space for our motors on our cortex, would it be legal to add a second one? Do the rules specifically prevent this?

If this is for an official VRC event:

Any additional motors need to be Y-cabled from the cortex:

Rule <R9> prohibits this:

Full rules available here:

[Edit: Ninja-ed. Very good answer by @synapse, including why you shouldn’t be running out of motor ports.]

it’s not, it’s for “in the zone”

What exactly is a Y-cable?

Okay. I’m assuming you need to learn a little background. How can we help?

I say this because “In The Zone” is this year’s official VRC game, and any sanctioned competition in the game will be an official VRC Event.

So, are you a new team, a new team member, or just striking out on your own?

Here’s the products page entry with a bit of relevant info:

You have to click on the tab at the bottom for 3 wire extension cables.

The basic idea is it lets two motors be controlled by a single port.