Multiple entries for elementary school children?

Hi there! We’re coaching a team of elementary school students, three of whom have completed the online photography challenge. With a team so young, we’d like to enter the photographs for the children as coaches rather than expecting them to set up email accounts, etc.

Any tips or tricks? We’re close to the deadline, we know, but want to see if anyone has suggestions for doing this in a way that allows for the kids’ entries while also keeping the children safe and secure online. Thanks!

**Follow-up: Thank you for the quick response! We think we got it!

Hello! Yes, teachers, coaches, mentors, and parents can submit entries for the students. Because the Photography Online Challenge is an individual challenge, you may submit multiple entries using your own account as a coach. You’ll see under Eligibility section for the Photography challenge: “This is an individual competition, not team or school; and only one photo may be submitted per person. One team may have multiple team members submitting; however, only one submission is permitted per individual team member.”

So what you need to do is make sure that there is only one student name per entry. You can submit all entries for your students, just make sure only one name is in the “Full Description” field for each entry.

Please let us know if you have additional questions, and good luck!