Multiple Files in Python

Since the release of the VSC extension our teams are excited about using Python for their bots. Does everything have to be in or can they use multiple files? If not, is that capability coming soon?


generally everything has to be in, there are no plans to support multi file python projects, it’s not really anything to do with whether you are editing using VEXcode or VSCode, more to do with the brain it’s all running on. There is some minimal support for importing modules from the SD Card as I explain in this topic.


Just had an idea…what if the VSC extension were to read all python files in the project and combine them into one just before uploading to the brain. Wouldn’t that work?

you could probably accomplish that with a VSCode task/script. The extension wouldn’t know which files, what the order was etc. Python is not really for super complex projects (due to memory limitations, especially on IQ2 and EXP), for those move to C++.