Multiple Team Members - 2 Robots

In VRC there is an explicit rule <R1> that dictates that teams are to enter one and only one robot. In other words, a team of 4 members with 2 registered robots would be restricted to driving/coaching their respective robots for that competition without swapping driver/coaches between the two. If a 4 member team (i.e. they meet together, design and build together) in VEX IQ has 2 registered teams, is it acceptable for the teams to:

  1. Swap drivers at the event so that the 4 members rotate between the two registered robots
  2. Accept any awards as a group (given they have all worked together on both robots)

This VRC rule also applies to VEX IQ where teams can only enter one robot, drivers can only drive for one team, and an award is designated for one team. With four student members and two registered teams, your teams are well prepared to meet this criteria.