Multiple V5 brains showing strange static artifacts?

Recently one of our sister teams V5 brains started showing strange static screen.

To resolve the issue, we had to disconnect the power source from the brain, the button did not respond (or so it seems).

He was driving a motor at the time using pros. I checked after and the brains firmware was on VEXOS 1.1.2. From what I know, this same event has happened several times before.

Do you know if the brain has been hit or dropped before? Or maybe been around spilt liquids? And does it do this immediately or after some time?

Just from the info you’ve shared, my best guess is firmware glitch, maybe corrupted code from VEX (if its brand new), or something related.

Its been since May since I’ve last actually been hands-on with a brain, but if you can get it running without crashing like that, try going through the system settings and see if you cant troubleshoot it yourself.


Known that team, I wouldn’t be surprised… But its also quite an old brain tbf

I’m not exactly sure but from what is sounds like, he was driving his intake with a motor and after a bit it showed this screen.

From memory, I think this was one of the first few brains we bought so I’m assuming it’s from the launch of V5 or near abouts. Do you know if there is any way to reflash the firmware or something similar?

Do you mean system settings through the V5 Brain? I’ve really only tried the V5 Event logs and the devices tab. All of these seemed normal.

Thanks for the help

It’s most likely not firmware. could be either

  1. programming error with the PROS program that impacts system memory.
  2. bad hardware, a failing memory chip or something like that.