My gear ratio doesn't move

help, my motor isn’t moving the big gear, whenbut it is it is attached to that axel. however the motor moves the middle gear when it is attached. this also moves the big gear, so I am very confused on how it moves one, but not the other when attached. please help

Can you send a picture of your setup?

I am not 100 percent sure what you problem is, but here are a few possibilities:

  1. Too much Friction or weight for the flywheel to move. If the gear ratio is too great, then you will have lesser torque.

  2. You might have the wrong inserts in the gears.

  3. Your code doesn’t say full power.

  4. Your motor is faulty.

You’re using too large of a gear ratio. That looks like a 35:1 ratio (correct me if I’m wrong). If you use a 100 rpm motor (red cartridge) then you would get a nice output speed of 3500 rpm. I think you’re trying to use too high speed of a gear cartridge, which doesn’t have enough torque to spin the whole ratio (200 and 600 rpm motors on the ratio is way too fast to even spin). I’d recommend trying a 600 motor geared 5:1. 600 rpm motors have less friction than their higher torque counterparts and allow to make a flywheel without resorting to compound gearing. Removing an axle from your system will remove more points for friction to occur.


Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it.

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Ok, thank you very much.

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