My is controller is blinking red and green when I try to charge it

I need help cause my controller won’t charge when I plug it in. I just starts blinking red and green. Any suggestions?

what are you charging it from?

The normal charging cable

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It means that you need to update the controller I’m pretty sure.

Ok thank you I will try that

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Actually, you should look at the guide that was referenced by @SCFarrell and see what the lights are telling you. There are two lights and it’s not clear which ones are green/red or flashing.


I checked the light guide mentioned but couldn’t find what blinking red and green means

I got my info from some VEX thing I read somewhere, but I don’t remember what the document was. I just put it out there because I’ve had luck with it when experiencing this problem. I also didn’t see his problem in the link the @SCFarrell mentioned.

Try this guide.

It has some better diagnostics.

Is this a fresh out of the box controller or something you’ve had for a season?


I’ve had it since the beginning of summer

Did you go through the guides, update the firmware, and try a different cable / charger? If you could explain what you have and haven’t done, and what has and hasn’t happened, that’d be great and could help us help you.


This link is pure gold. Thanks for sharing @Foster!


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