My motor for my elevator keep burning up

The motors for my liner elevator keep literally burning up like after 15-20 minutes of using them the motor starts making this odd smell and then smoke starts coming out of it​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yes I replaced the motor but then it happened again I replaced it again and as well as the cable connect to the motor and it happened again. The gear ratio is a 1:5 but it’s a duel motor system and the payload isn’t even that much I have a competition this Saturday so I really need an answer. :disappointed_relieved:

Is it 1:5 as Input:Output or 1:5 as Output:Input?

We really need pictures of the bot to help with this one. I am sure it is a fixable problem, but we need pictures to diagnose.

Thank you in advance!

Imput=1x tourque
Output=5x tourque
It’s a liner elevator and all the beams are new

Our teams have had 3 motors smoking this year; and another one was going to smoke if they didn’t turn off robot 3 different robot designs. We’ve had motors get warm in years before but never smoked. We are using gen 2 brains if it helps.

These are images of both motors both are different models and both are clearly scorched on the top.
Also the only motor that smokes up is the right side motor for the elevator not the left motor and the left motor is the same motor model as the image second image after this

sounds like you’re going for speed. usually people’s elevators are at most 2:1 / 1:2

How about pictures of the robot so we can help fix that?

I’ve been doing VIQ since the start and I’ve never burned up a motor. I’ve had them run hot, but that has been after a 20 minute demo session.


Don’t IQ motor hase temperature sensors to stop them from overheating? Didn’t think it was possible for one to start smoking…

Yeah, Ive never had them burn up. the most ive gotten them is like flaming hot bc I left my robots program on after destroying it.

None of my motors have ever burned up
Call Vex Support that’s really weird
But send some more photos so we can help you better!

I am using a gen 2 brain and I also only use my elevator only when I’m dumping cubes yet It still overheats do you thing it might be the age of the motor?

I thought the same thing and they still smell like smoke after 2 days

Even though the elevator runs very fast, we only slightly modify the design and we never had smoking motors till mid season or now. The robot worked fine for the past 4 competitions but now no matter what we do, the thing starts smoking up on that same side

Just for all of you to know, my team thinks we found the solution to why the motors keep burning up. Even when the motors are idle, we coded them to stay idle meaning they will still receive power even when not in use. Because of this they are already warm by 5 minutes and very hot by 10. Also because of this, I believe whatever we coded also overrides the killswitch for the motor and allows it to run past max temperature. Therefore, if we add a touch sensor to the bottom of the elevator that when pressed sets the motors to off, and when not pressed sets motors to idle then they should theoretically stop overheating both motors but mostly the right side motor. Our team will try this out and see how it goes

nope, they do not have one*, it’s been that way since 2013, current limit on IQ motors is 1A and it’s never been an issue as far as I know.

*The H-bridge driver has thermal shutdown if it gets too hot.

If the motor is in “hold” mode for long periods of time holding a heavy mechanism (arm, elevator etc.), they will get hot.

There is no “kill switch”.


Most likely your elevator motor keeps trying to go past the deadstop at the bottom of the elevator. So even when the elevator tray is at the bottom, the motor doesn’t know and tries to keep turning resulting in overheating.

There are a few possible solutions but the easiest one would be to do a time movement downwards so the motor will stop trying after a given time even when the elevator has reached the bottom.

Funny story. One of the teams at our club were testing their auto and the robot drove into the wall. The kids went to dinner and didn’t turn off their robot and apparently the robot didn’t get to it’s target distance so the drive motors were running and pushing against the wall the whole time while they were at dinner. When they came back, the motors were dead and superhot.

So normally a hot motor is general linked to improper coding for movement.

I hope that helps.


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For all of y’all wondering, we fixed the problem with a touch sensor at the bottom and it seems to be working.
We will tell you what happens at our compitition