My roboot wont go straight

Okay, so I didn’t make it to states so I am currently making a robot with tank treads for NRC but it turns to the left while driving how do I fix this?

In your code did you make the 2 motor at the same speed? And are all of the motors of the same type? And could you send a picture so me and the public could maybe see what’s wrong

This issue may be mechanicals
Pictures always help

My computer will not let me screenshot it or i would i apologize

if you have a phone you could screenshot it, also pictures of the driving mechanisms would help

Something you could always do is make custom PID control that takes the values of each motor while driving and proportionally adjusts the speed of each motor. Ideally, you would be able to fix this mechanically, but this would also work.

Our team also had problems with some motors being slower than others in our drive. If you program your drive using voltage control instead of velocity control it helps.

Another thread was created recently regarding a similar problem. Have you checked it out and followed the recommendations there to troubleshoot the issue?