My task isnt working

int turnside(float turns,float speed) {
 RF.startRotateFor(turns, rev, speed, rpm);
 FL.startRotateFor(-turns, rev, speed, rpm);
 LB.startRotateFor(-turns, rev, speed, rpm);
 ML.startRotateFor(-turns, rev, speed, rpm);
 RB.startRotateFor(turns, rev ,speed, rpm);
 RM.startRotateFor(turns, rev, speed, rpm);
 return 0;

I have this function which I use in the autonomous like this:
task turnning(turnside);

But for some reason I get an error. The only way to remove the error is to remove the condition on the int. But I dont like this because then I can’t set the distance and speed. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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So you have a function which takes two parameters:

And you call it without any parameters:

For the future, when you’re asking about an error, please post the exact wording of the error, even if you don’t know what it means.

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