NC VRC States - 1st seed team gets denied 8 times during alliance selection

This happened today at states, this was the first time anyone had seen this happen. The elims bracket was… interesting to say the least.

pfft I’ve seen more declines. but this is unusual for a state championship.


I would expect that most states teams would try to find an alliance before the selection process. There was a clawbot at FL states in the top 8 but they found an alliance that would accept beforehand instead of disrupting other alliances. I’m sure elims were interesting?


Everybody had alliances picked out, its just that (obviously) the first seed team didn’t. I also heard from another team that they were hellbent on messing up alliances, but idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It seems like there has been an enormous amount of rejections this season as opposed to last season. Before this season, the most rejections I’d seen is like seven from the Math Division during ITZ. This season, I’ve seen 8 and 11 rejections from two separate competitions. I wish that somewhere, whether it be the Vex Via app or Robotevents, to act as a record over the entire Alliance Selection process, since that data would be fun to analyze.


My team got screwed over because of this and ended up losing in quarterfinals when we could have won the whole tournament if we had gotten our alliance partner we wanted. This also happened at another competition 3 weeks ago that I was at except for the fact that it wasn’t as impacting as this


There is a point in why you should scout the entire field just in case the entire selection becomes a mess. The team you would have as they have gone down and can’t be chosen or whatever. Though if you were trying to mess up an alliance to get you more chance to qualify for worlds well there is a genuine strategy that could work but relies on other teams Declining. Also to add to that why did no one want 1st seed.


Why was 1st seed rejected so much? Were they a clawbot?


Potential Idea For Selecting Alliances,
Wellm i think i found that team

Let me say this diplomatically: the performance of their robot did not correlate with their rank


Sorry, this is a terrible attitude to have. “A bad workman blames his tools.”

Please do not take anything away from the team that won it all and the team that came in first. They played and won by the same rules that you did. They just happened to have a better day. Does the NCAA make changes each time the 12 seed upsets the 5?

I’m a competitive person, and I don’t like to see my team lose. That said, you can learn more from failure than success. Just because a team has the most capable bot and best driver at a tournament does not entitle them to win, otherwise why bother running matches at all?


How many matches were there in the tournament? How many teams?

40 teams, 7 matches each team for quals, 16 alliances in elims

We did 7 matches with 30 team divisions… Really wish would could have done 8. More matches gets better rankings. But with these numbers you have to get REALLY lucky to get that high.

We had a few declines in one division, but that was just due to scheming in the background. Good times.

At states last year we had a very similar situation. They got declined 3 or 4 times and then walked down the line just asking anyone if they would say yes.


It was pretty crazy luck, two of their matches they won bc of DQs


Our finals this year had 1 tie and 3 DQ’s…


The first seed just didn’t talk to anyone. It was the second seed that wanted to do so.

They were a relatively bad team and could only get a 6 or 7 stack where everyone else who was high up could get at least 10 or 9

There was nothing broken. The process worked as designed. What you fail to mention is if your team had reached out to the #1 seed? It really is a matter that all teams should be involved with non-zero probability situations.

Good luck next season!


The #1 seed didn’t reach to anyone they asked. Yeah, they are rewarded with the ability to select an alliance but that still affected every other team in the top 15 there. They literally won one match because their opponent’s robot set on fire and got DQ’d. I know as per current rules everything was perfectly legal. And I know I’m just salty as I was one of the teams and I figure that nothing is gonna come out of it so all I can do is wait for next season now ig.

Good luck to you as well