Need a coach

Hi my kids representating India to the vex IQ worldcrossover challenge. . The visa of the coach. Got rejected. Need a coach at Louisville for them. Pls help

Are they MS or ES? What team are they? Who from your school will be attending?

They are two teams . one team ES and one MS. Nobody from school coming. We are parents bringing the kids to the competition. We shall bear the coach expenses. Kindly help

I will be coaching 3 VRC teams, but only 1 elementary IQ team. I’d be glad to help. You already have a robot and design, correct? So I would be glad to help the parents understand what/when they need to do things. And discuss strategy based upon your design. We are team #6430, Trinity Dragons, feel free to come by.
It’s not terribly difficult, more about schedule and strategy and scouting.

Thanks a lot. Our robot design and programming all in order. Need help incase if the wire or motor troubleshoots. Our elementary team is zotech and middle school team is master manoeuvre. From india

What programming language are the kids using, RobotC?

75304A - Zotech
57251A - Master Maneuvers

Excellent Steve.

@Purvi, I am hoping you all are running RobotC?
We will certainly help you with whatever you need. Your team pits will most likely be split up since one is in ES and one is MS. However, they are in the same wing of the center, just separated by a little walking distance.
We can go over your schedule when you first get there, scout and discuss strategy.
We will have some of our High School VRC members (seniors - very experienced mentors of our IQ) available to help get you between your pit and fields and they will get me whenever necessary.
Looking forward to it, fly safe.

Mountain Brook Robotics will be happy to help ! We have 4 middle school teams #31337 A,C,D and P . We have several parents that are in the know and would be glad to assist you guys. We will be on site Saturday you can reach me at 225-931-3504 or James

I would be willing to stop by and help them out. Weather they are using modkit or RobotC. I will be there with 8 teams across both divisions.

Purvi, I’m an assistant coach for our middle school team 4442A Navigator Robotics. We have a pretty big contingency coming to worlds, made up of 8 students and even more adults. We have more than enough people to help out if you still need any assistance. Our kids are great at programming, strategy and building/fixing robots. We’re bringing our own field to practice with, so we may be able to help double check your programming without having to wait for practice fields to open up. We’ll stop by your booth to see if everything’s okay. Good luck, safe travels and be sure to pack your robot carefully! We’re not taking any chances so the robot will be carried on the plane. -Kyle