Need help with mecanum Wheels

Our team has begun build our bot for the over und competition. We have built a small bot with the two inch mecanum wheels but the bot can’t strafe. We are using code we found online but are unsure on how to proceed.

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the wheels might not be evenly spaced out so id reccomend using spacers and not freehanding the spacing as it also a better build practice to be more consistent

also did you make sure to put the wheels on the right way, when we put on our mecanum wheels, we couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working, until we looked up pics of the mecanum wheels on the robots and we realized our wheels were facing the wrong direction

Could you post a top-down photo of the robot, are you using 4 motors, Can you post the code?

If you could answer these questions when you get a chance I can help you faster.

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What I have found with mecanum wheels is that the weight has to be centered or it will go in circles instead of strafing. I also heard that the 2-inch wheels cant strafe on foam because it sinks into it.

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An additional thing which would help speed up a solution to your issue is telling us how the robot currently behaves when the command to strafe is given to it (unless your problem resides within the code). This information includes which direction the robot as a whole moves/spins or even better, an annotated image showing which way each wheel rotates (just 4 arrows).


We added spacers but our strafe still doesn’t work. Here is a better picture with a diagram of the wheels. I would upload our code but I am too new to upload on here. Thanks everyone for the help so far.

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You can copy and paste your code right into here, sorry for the confusion, if you could wrap the code with ``` it will format it so it is easier to read,


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Assuming the wheels turn the proper direction it looks like your problem is balance… too much weight on the wheels in the bottom of the pic and too little on the top set.