Need help with motor instructions

Our team just started in Jan…
We have a robot with five motors. Three of the motors control an extendable arm that can pull the robot up on the bar. How can we make the motors keep “pulling” or to remain locked in that place once we have the robot in the position we want it to be in?

You would need some kind of catch mechanism. Something that you can activate that when the match ends will hold the robot up without the assist of motors.

I recommend doing something like this that would make a catch so your bot wouldn’t drop back down:

Pictures would help.

Rubber bands might work.
Or, if it is in driver mode, you could set your motors to 30 power or something.

RobotC code…

if (vexRT[btn5U]) {
  motor[WHATEVER1] = 127;
  motor[WHATEVER2] = 127;
} else if (vexRT[btn5D]) {
  motor[WHATEVER1] = -127;
  motor[WHATEVER2] = -127;
} else {
  motor[WHATEVER1] = 30;
  motor[WHATEVER2] = 30;


Using 30 as a hold power is marginal, use a lower value if you can. Anything that is not 0 will have a “braking” effect.

This however will not work at the end of the match. When the match is over all robots will be disabled, therefore it shuts off all of the motors. While the motor speed is set like you said it should hang, but you must take into affect that the motors will be shut off when they are actually counting the score post match.

Thanks for your help. We have solved the drifting during hanging.
May I ask you another question?
I have seen your code for helping tripping the motor and the work of Vamfun-
“Vex Smart Monitor Prevents PTC Fuse Overheats in Motors, Cortex and Power Expander.”

Can either of these sets of code be used in Easy C V4.2.06? Where do you put the code in the competition template?
RES Robotics TEAM 9365 Trouble Ticket-2.pdf (1.89 MB)