Need HELP with Robot Mesh!

Hi there - I’m a high school robotics teacher. I was planning to learn Robot Mesh Studio/Python over the summer. But with our school closing because of COVID-19 I need to learn it now!

I’d like to have my students program a virtual VEX EDR Cortex robot. I’d like them to start with Flowol and progress up to Python.

Are there any trainings, tutorials, or videos anybody could direct me to? Are there any mimic files that exist that we can use? Something as simple as a clawbot or just a drive train would be great. Sensors on the robot would be a plus!

Thank you immensely for any help you can provide!!

Here is a link to the Hour of Code exercises from a couple of years ago. Exercise 1 will have a link to exercise 2, and so on. This is a good way to get started, but the lessons do not get very deep.

The HC exercises use Blockly rather than Flowol. I am not aware of any training programs like this for Flowol, but maybe I just haven’t run into them. For what it’s worth, I’ve taught both Flowol and Blockly, and the kids seem to prefer Blockly and pick it up quicker. Also, V5 projects do not support Flowol.

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Thank you very much!! This is a great start. Do you know of anyway to export that mimic into another project file?

Click Options (the gear, upper right). From the Options dialog select Copy Project. From there you can make a copy of the project using the same mimic, but a different programming language.

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If you go to and look at the menu on the left side of the screen you will find an activity guide for flowol and other languages. I worked through the flowol activities with some students last year and i think it was beneficial to them.

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That looks great, too! Thanks :slight_smile:

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