Need help with vision sensor

Hey I’m back again. I need help figuring out 2 problems I found when I was using the sensor. I may of talked about this before in other posts, but I want to sum it up into an easier-to-read post. I use Vex V5 coding blocks in the editor, and lastly I need help until 2/26/22, (my states tournament haha) Anyways, here’s what I have to ask.

  1. I need help coding the vision sensor to find two neutral goals and carry them back to the starting point.

I am basically clueless how I can make this possible. I need tips because i’m paranoid if its even possible or not. Using one yellow color sensing is weird, so I’m debating on if the robot will try get a third goal (With the code and color sensing) even though it can only hold two goals at once (Front and back) but I also have another problem.

  1. My robot keeps spinning around

When my brother made a strip of code that puts onto the brain if the vision sensed the goal (And it works) and the code that goes over the goal (Video reference; VEX IQ Vision Sensor Object Follow Tutorial using the V5 Vision Sensor - YouTube) won’t work. I’ve edited a lot, and it still didn’t work. It just spins around trying to find the goal it won’t find? The code maybe outdated, and I probably need a replacement for it. Thanks.

Please post your code. The “robot keeps spinning around” problem is probably because you probably told the motors to go the wrong direction if the goal is to the left or to the right. That’s all I can tell you without seeing your code.

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