New 2017 Game????

I would love to see a sumo-like pushing game, like so: Like this year, a wall-type thing divides the field. In the center, there is one large object, like a starstruck cube, but bigger, perhaps 2-3 times bigger. The main scoring thing is trying to push this giant object into your opponents’ Zone, say if you push it 3 inches, you get 6 points, or whatever. In addition, there are a bunch of balls which the other robots have to score akin to this year. Maybe in the last 30 seconds, you have to have a literal king of the hill and scale this big center object. IDK, but I think a pushing game would be cool because of the good challenge for experienced teams, plus a simple build process for newer teams

Tetrahedrons, they haven’t been used yet.

This is gonna be the tenth world championship so I really hope to see something completely unique. I do believe they have something special in store for us.

Maybe it will have to do with the extra long product release on friday :wink:

I’ve heard the Game Design Committee has been working on something special ever since Worlds moved to Kentucky. It takes about three years for the games to make it through full design, prototyping, production sampling, and a commercial bid-and-proposal phase for pricing out the game objects. So announcing 2017 for the 2017-18 game fits that schedule perfectly.

It’s been really hush-hush, but either somebody is whispering, or (more likely) somebody working at the KY Expo center got their hands on preliminary design and pricing info. From documents that were in the burn barrel; supposed to picked up by DocuShred. I say this, because I find it hard to believe anybody involved would leak internal meeting notes on purpose. The leadership of RECF in general and the GDC in particular seems far too disciplined for that.

And there’s this odd coincidence: A friend visiting from DC recognized a picture on my laptop when I was browsing the RECF website. This friend works as a contractor for ARPA. She was pretty darn sure that the picture she saw showed the same person who had “business meetings” with one of her clients–a small group of scientists and beaurocrats assembled as DTRA, one of the more obscure intelligence agencies. Put that together with the recurring rumors about the RECF connection to Israeli intellegence, and the possiblity the RECF expansion money came from the CIA’s own venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel…suffice it to say, these people probably don’t leak documents.

Also, it wouldn’t be the first time this kind of document theft had happened. A few years ago, information from documents that were used in an internal meeting at the National Farm Machinery Show made their rounds. It was a bit of a black eye for both the seed company working on the crop development and the farm implement maker designing the harvester, and the project has been tied up in litigation ever since. The product they were working on together required special harvesting techniques to avoid bruising and eventual spoilage; that’s why the implement-maker was involved. The plant used higly altered plant genetics, which is why the seed company was involved. But they did it in a clever way that avoided the GMO label. The seed company contracted with a bovine genetics expert in Japanese Kobe (Wagyu) production to create for them a set of embryos using in-vitro fertilization. Ater growing the embryos to a particular state, they meticulously hand-sorted cells to build a collection of muscle and fat. They processed these cells to harvest their DNA, which they injected into mice. They coaxed some hungry mosquitos into ingesting the DNA-laden mouse blood. Then–here’s the kicker–they fed the mosquitos to a particular variety of North Carolina Venus Flytrap, and zapped the plant with long doses of harsh UV. The UV light damaged the plant cells, some of which took in the mouse blood. And its foreign payload. The variety of flytrap they had chosen develops particularly large tubers for nutrient storage. But now, instead of just sugars and starches, the plant also makes (and the tubers also store) a small percentage of Waygu beef muscle and fat cells. They had developed the meat potato.

So, the development of this was revolutionary food was going along nicely until a worker pilfered documents out of the “to be shredded” barrel at the National Farm Machinery Show, probably to sell them. And guess where the show was held? The Kentucky Expo Center.

And that’s probably how word is getting out about next year’s game, intended to honor the host state’s heritage. The field objects they’ve tested are a collection of small hills and breakaway “barnsides.” Additionally, the field is bisected by a set of ramps separated by a short gap. I’m not sure what the game’s actual name is going to be. But the working name, I understand, is either “Whiskey Run” or “Bootleg Bandits”.

I have a friend in the distillery trade who’s trying to get a line on this, based on a peculiar contract from a Texas company. Apparently, in early fall of 2016 three of the cooperidges (barrel makers, in case you were unaware) in the state were asked to bid on a contract to produce miniature barrels 12 inchs high. For delivery beginning with initial small shipments in March, with production ramping up through August, and then tapering off again.

Some of the requirements for the barrels were interesting. They were to have a very specific weight range. And exacting placement of the barrel bands. Bungs drilled in precisely the same place, plugged with a synthetic stopper. And no internal char, and no requirement of them being watertight.

So whatever these are for, they’re not going to put bourbon in them.

Next year’s game and products will be whatever floats your boat, if you catch my drift :wink:

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I’m good; thanks.

Guys, I think this counts! He needs help!

Here is a chart that I made of the field layouts since Bridge Battle. Do any of you see a pattern?

*I got the layouts as close as possible, some of them may be wrong.
VEX Field Setup.png

Wait wait wait . . . Are you trying to say that the GDC isn’t going to distribute masses of bourbon to the VRC and VIQ students? That can’t be right.

That’s only one blink, though…

We must get to the bottom of this :wink:

That probably means he only needs some help.

Are you talking about the bourbon or the circumstances surrounding it?


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Ill just leave this here:

There’s gonna be balls in this game, and I predict that alliances will have interaction since this years game was lacking that element.

I thought you had gotten Clean Sweep wrong (That was my first year in Vex) but after a check online and in my manual, Clean Sweep just didn’t have alliance starting tiles. I think we just had to start with the robot touching the back wall or something…


I found this while poking around on the REC website, under the “New to Robotics?” page. I think it may be a hint…


I’m also expecting balls, but unlike NBN, balls of various sizes. Not just 2 sizes like toss up, though, I’m talking like 5 different balls of diameter of anywhere between 3" and 12".