The case against @Karthik

This is very troubling to contemplate, but I think we must:

@Karthik is playing games with us.

It is clear from the number and nature of questions on the forum that @Karthik is withholding information from some teams. I see no other explanation for it. Clearly, they can read. Yet they ask questions that even a basic perusal of the game manual (found here: ) would answer. Other times, the skills manual (found there) holds the answer.

In some cases, it’s true, the answer was best found in the official Starstruck Game Q&A forum. But all those internet sites appear to me to be available. And, even if I don’t use the forum search to find things on the forum, I can use google.

Think about that for a moment. The implication is frightening. The only conceivable answer is that @Karthik has somehow managed to interfere with their access to google.

Diabolical. He has somehow managed to interpose internet filtering between some underinformed teams AND THE INTERNET AT LARGE.

To be clear, I’m glad he’s left my teams alone. I don’t want to gain his attention here.

But I have to say it again. @Karthik is playing games with us.

The evidence mounts.

The people in the blackhawks might see. They can tell when I close my eyes.

If you don’t want to gain his attention, then don’t say things like this on the site. He can obviously see this, in fact anyone can. You just have to click on the community tab.

@kypro listen itll be ok, frantically points towards trap door in the floor its a little bright in here dont you think closes the curtains GO GO GO


Scrambles frantically into the trapdoor beckoning for the others to hurry.

I think there’s evidence he’s trying to track me down. May need to increase shielding.

Maybe you need to not accuse Karthik of such things.

quickly follows after each one and closes trapdoor afterwards


Plot twist: Karthik owns Google

Dun dun dun!

plot twist: Karthik is life

Plot twist: Karthik IS google

Plot twist: Google IS Karthik

We have all been infected. I wonder if it’s spread to the vex forum staff.

“Are you sure about that?” ~John Cena