New engineering notebook tutorials

hey folks!!

i’m diana (371T → 10D → 10C now).
i’ve done notebook for my team for 5 years, this is my 6th and last year. i recently made a few tutorial videos and posted them on youtube and i just wanted to post them here in case anybody can find them useful.

  1. The Engineering Design Process for VEX Robotics
    This video is about the engineering design process as applied to VEX. it gives a bunch of notebook spread ideas and is the intended starting video for these tutorials.

  2. engineering notebook formatting reveal
    in this video i just explain how i do formatting for my notebook since it’s set up a bit different than other ppls notebooks that i’ve seen.

  3. engineering notebook content reveal
    this video goes in-depth on the content that i write. i explain the contents of the 3 notebooks i’ve done in order, and I directly connect all the content to the rubric to show why the notebook has all the content it has. i didn’t want it to be a 15 min video so i go kinda fast tho, feel free to use speed controls & pause the video to get a good look at the spreads.

I’m not done with the videos, if there are any questions or topics about documentation/engineering notebook you’d would like me to make a video about, post them here :slight_smile: i just wanted to publish at least something before summer ends.

hope u enjoyyyyyy


Wow! It’s an incredible analysis, very well explained! :star_struck:


So generous of you to share such a wealth of information. This can only serve to help others. Thanks for your time and effort. You are terrific :v: :purple_heart: :robot: