New flags at worlds

So I heard that the flags are worlds and I’m kinda scared that my double shots won’t work, is there any way to simulate new flags.

The easiest way I can think is to hot glue bamboo skewers onto the back to reinforce it, or something like that.

Besides just buying new flags, not really. Maybe you could flip the pole upside down, or otherwise change the orientation so that the flags aren’t rubbing against the worn part from all-season practice. (Raise it up some, cut off the bottom and lower it, etc.)

You might also be able to find some PVC pipe the same size(using dual calipers), and use that. Although I can’t attest to how similar the store-bought piping is to Vex-bought piping. I’d assume they aren’t too different.

flip the flags upside down. Not sure if the little detents pieces below the flags are double sided or not, if they are flip those too

It’s all double sided.

I think it you flip the pvc that would help as well. Where the flags turn would be a little overlap, but not a ton.

Of course, at this point you’re leaving in 3-4 days…

Put some of the binder clips on the top of the flag. With a little extra weight, the flags are harder to turn, and you can fine tune exactly how much resistance you want.

But hopefully by day 3 of worlds the flags will be broken in enough to have better game play.

Good luck!

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I would be concerned about safety - having random pieces of metal fly off a slippery piece of plastic should be of concern.

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I’ve never had an issue with it but I guess they could fly off. It’s probably a good idea to test out the binder clips before you put a lot of them on.


Might be off topic but I haven’t heard of this issue, what’s different about the flags at worlds vs the ones now?

The ones at Worlds are brand new. The ones used all season have been shot at about 100000 times…


Oh I see (20 characters)

In addition, there also was a game manual update for the flags at worlds. Basically, there is going to be a standoff placed behind the flags so that they can’t be overtoggled.

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I believe that rule only applies to the low flags. The 2 higher flags can still be over toggled.

Over toggling high flags isn’t that much of a problem unless ur shooter is strong enough to shoot through an Aircraft carrier.

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If your robot can over toggle a flag it might be a bit too strong