New Global Skills Ranking Typo + Problem?

I saw that the Global Skills Ranking format was recently updated to include the stop times. However, instead of the new columns saying “Driver Stop Time” and “Programming Stop Time” it says “HIGHEST driver/programming score stop time”. If I’m correct the stop time listed should be corresponding to the driver and programming skills scores that add up to the highest combined score at a comp (aka scores in columns 3 and 4), right?

The way it is worded right now makes it seem like it is just the highest stop time for whatever the highest driver or programming score is, no matter if it’s the score that makes up the final ranked score (aka it is currently using the stop time from the columns 5 and 6 scores).

Just wanted a clarification on if the stop time on the global skills rankings will be based on the column 3/4 data or 5/6 data, and if it’s based on the column 3/4 data can it be reworded to not say “highest ___ score stop time”.


Another thing: The rankings for before and after I filter the data is different (see screenshot below). When I first refresh the page the rankings I see is the first screenshot and when I return to the page after filtering it to US only and back to “All” it’s the second screenshot.


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