New parts for SnapCAD / LDCad for VEX

The new parts update for SnapCAD / LDCad for VEX is available! Get it here.
Contains all the parts needed to build the VIQC Crossover field, some other new parts and minor improvements.

With these new parts, you can recreate Crossover challenge field, Model is available here.


Is there anyway that I can add new parts without uploading entire folder in SnapCad?
Such as I can create tether cables from LDCad as .mpd and be able to add it under submodel in SnapCad, but when I’ve tried to add parts such as 228-3201-156, 228-3201-478 etc. these parts are not allowed me to save as .mpd so I can’t add them in submodel in SnapCad.

Thank you.

SnapCad - Parts Error.jpg

Anyone know where to buy parts shown in Snap CAD? Specifically the Y beams. 228-2500-304.dat and 228-2500-161.dat
or the 3d printer file

At least 228-2500-304 is in the “Vex Robotics Spider by HEXBUG” set. I am not sure if they are in any other set, but the spider has plenty other interesting pieces, such as 3x0 pins :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll look into that source.

Could anyone advise how to get attached two parts? They don’t include in the new “parts package” I would like to upload them into SnapCAD.