New Parts Wishlist

I know that there have been threads like this in the past, but I’d like to create a sort of wishlist thread for new parts. Hopefully people doing the make it real online challenge, or even designers at vex could take inspiration from these. These could be alternate versions of new parts, or completely new parts, or others made vrc legal, like the vexpro flex wheels were.
Let’s hear them!


Here are mine:
I’d like the vexpro mecanum wheels to made legal, along with adapters for vex shafts- similar to how the flex wheels were made legal. The vexpro mecanums seem a lot better than the clunky vex ones, and some are a whole lot smaller and space-effecient.

Some box-channel. It would serve basically the same purpose as boxed c-channel, but the holes would actually line up and it would be thinner

45 degree gussets that line up the holes better, would help with x-drives.

I’d like for the vex-legal rope to be sold on the vex website, so that it is a lot easier to find some good legal rope, instead of having to search through amazon to find some good looking rope.

vex ring gears, and maybe HS and LS gears in different sizes.


Id put this in #v5-general-discussion:new-product-ideas

Anyways, I’d love to see the small work cell Motors made legal with a trade for the main motors. E.g you could trade 2 big motors for 3 small motors and then have 6 big, 3 small.

Also locking standoffs would be nice


A VRC equivalent of the IQ shock absorbers would be nice, would make some mechanisms a whole lot easier to build, and it’d be nice to have VRC legal springs again


Something like this would be very nice to have, especially in tight spaces.


I made this comment in a conversation with some unnamed VEX personnel during the VEXU and AI Championships this year. I was told the biggest reason these will not be made legal this season is some of the manufacturing concerns with the worldwide chip and shipping issues. They are definitely considering making these legal in some way for VRC in the future.


19 inch shafts. Gahhhhh why don’t they exist?!


See also this post:

I’m looking forward to the 5.5W motors next season too!


teams can just buy the 24" high strength axles and machine them down for longer axles

E: perhaps even longer screws or just structural supports : )

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I would love to see vex introduce constant force springs to their V5 product line. I’d imagine that these could be produced in a way that minimizes h&s risks, such as placing a plastic casing with a mount hole around the main body and plastic “tongues” on the tail of the spring so that roboteers avoid cutting themselves and damage is minimized if the springs “launch” themselves and recoil around. They’d also be able to charge much more for a proprietary part if they include a plastic casing. :eyes:


Legal 24T and 48T gears for VRC would be nice instead of jumping from 12 to 36 to 60.

And maybe a Vex V5 Speaker if they feel so inclined so I can totally not have Coconut Mall playing during the match.


c channel coupler stock that’s longer than 4 holes. The stuff is so useful, we could do a lot with them if we had longer peices.


Decorations which provide visual feedback to Drive Team Members (e.g. decorative lighting) are
permitted, provided that they do not violate any other rules and serve no other function (e.g. structural support).

Maybe some official LED light strips so we don’t have to make our robots jankier than they already are.

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ball bearings please


For those old enough…


Wait, are those iq legal?

No, high strength shafts are not part of the IQ product line.

(and I suspect most VRC teams don’t have the equipment or experience to machine HS shafts down to the LS size with sufficient precision)


I had an idea to make needle bearings using omni rollers’ shafts.

You can machine portion of high strength shaft for the inner part and make cage by cutting slots into thin wall nylon spacer, but I don’t know if there could be a better way to make outer part other than to use stack of the drilled steel flats.

Probably, to much work for little gain, ig.


Also, High strength pillow block bearings would be great


Thin gears. They are discontinued now, and machining the HS gears is a bother.

Also, better chain. It is indecent how often chain breaks.