New Products - August 2020

Per the Coming Soon page, some new VEX IQ products have just been added to the website.

Long Capped Shaft Add-On Pack (228-7458)
Short Capped Shaft Add-On Pack (228-7457)
Motor Shaft Add-On Pack (228-7456)
Flywheel Weight (228-7459)
Standoff Extender (228-7461)

All 5 of these products are now available for purchase from the US Website. (Availability varies for international sites)

In addition, while this isn’t a new product, we also realized that we never actually promoted the fact that VEX IQ Robot AA Battery Holders were available for purchase.


Could the capped shafts be considered for legal use in vrc? I think they could be a better solution to the hammering on the end of a shaft that teams do to avoid needing a shaft collar on the end of the shaft, and since this product already exists and is mechanically compatible with vrc, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be competition legal.

EDIT: also the product page for the long capped shaft claims it is out of stock.

EDIT 2: and the short capped shaft displays “Long Capped Shaft Add-on Pack” in the browser tab.


These should both be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.


I sent this question over to Grant and the rest of the GDC, and they saw no issues with Capped Shafts being legal for VRC.

They can now be found on the V5 Shafts & Hardware page.


Awesome, thanks guys.

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One more update. As I mentioned in a post from a few months ago, the 12-pack of 12T Metal Gears (276-7368) is now available on the US Website. (Will be available on international sites soon)

It can be found on the Gears page.


Would it be possible to update the capped shaft kit content page with actual measurements? Pitch might make sense to IQ - but it is not a familiar unit of measurement for EDR/V5


Not to nitpick or anything, but for the picture here
Screenshot_20200825-160138_Samsung Internet

It shows a gear with a fixed insert instead of a free spinning one.

Hope this helps!


Good point. This has been updated.

Oops. Looks like the caption for that image and the one before it got swapped at some point. This has been fixed also.


Could the Motor Shaft Add-On Pack be considered legal for VRC? It might be helpful for things like tracking wheels.

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Yes, all newly released vex components are legal to use

This would be the case if the motor shaft add on pack was available on both the IQ and EDR stores. Currently, it is only available on the iq store, meaning that the add on pack is not legal for edr.



The V5 Smart Motors are too strong for the IQ Motor Shafts.


Hmm. In that case, is there anything stopping us from taking a normal shaft and cutting and hammering it until it is capped?

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I would imagine they could be depending on the ratio, but for something like tracking wheels that don’t undergo nearly as much force they should be fine right? But I totally get that vex wouldn’t want to get complaints from people using them with motors.

The capped ones are fine. The motor shafts are different than the capped ones.

Capped = Nails
Motor = Sword

The link to the VRC legal capped ones are a couple of posts above.


But to answer your question per the game manual: no, there are no restriction on upsetting an end onto your shaft per R-23, but don’t heat the end before upsetting it, as that could be considered a violation of R-23c (heat treating), if we consider that annealing, as well as quench and temper, changes the metallurgical structure.


You don’t happen to have a video of a V5 motor snapping an IQ motor shaft?
Or does the motor shaft simply not fit through the 1/4" hole to get into the 1/8" hole?
Because of this, even if they were strong enough, you would need a few spacers just to hold it in place, right?
Or could you use a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter like in the HS gears?

Sorry, my mind is racing!


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